If You Don’t Know What Google+ Local is…Then It’s Hurting Your Business

If You Don’t Know What Google+ Local is…Then It’s Hurting Your Business

News Flash: The internet is changing. No surprise to you, right? Most business owners understand this fact — they simply don’t have time to stay up to the constant change. Let’s take a moment to pray for all business owners that are losing business to the affects of online change. Those that are FiddlerStudios Comrades (code word for client) don’t have to worry about internet change effecting their business. The FiddlerStudios ninjas are constantly analyzing the internet so that we can provide the information you need to keep your business on top.

This week’s lesson: Google My Business

Google is no dummy. In fact, they are pretty much the king of the internet because they have what we all want — TRAFFIC! Google also knows that people SEARCH ONLINE but they BUY LOCAL. That’s why when you google a keyword Google will first show you some local options that are just down the street from you. If you are running a local veterinary clinic wouldn’t you like to show up at the top of the search results, when the locals search about sick poodles?

So how can you push more of this local audience to your website so they will soon walk through your door with their credit card? That is the billion dollar question, but today I will give it to you for free.

The first step is to get your Google+ Local page optimized.

Have you heard of that thing called Facebook? Well…guess what? Google has their own version of Facebook — called Google+. Social media is a large part of the internet and Google understands this. That’s why they have created their own social network and are making it very difficult for businesses that don’t play along. Google+ not only allows you to create  a personal profile but they have business profiles as well. They want your business to have a profile so bad that they went ahead and created it for you (how nice of them, right?). They shouldn’t have. This causes problems when people start judging your business by the information on your profile that you didn’t even create. It’s crucial that you jump online and start optimizing your Google+ Local page.

Here’s how to do it.


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  1. Excellant article and a wake up call for any small business struggling for online leads.

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