is a great little tool to update all your statuses at once: Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, and more. I’ve been using it for some time and decided I’d like to integrate it into my personal blog, so all my friends can see my latest posts without me having to go and manually submit it to for everyone to see. I found 2 great plugins: CR Post to & Shorten2Ping. Both worked great until Seesmic (that recently bought from its creators), decided to suspend the application developer’s API accounts. This means that these 2 great plugins stopped working! WTH Seesmic? I had long respected you as a company, now I’m not so sure… In fact I’m considering removing the Seesmic app from my Android phone in protest. Please fix this Seesmic. Even if you need to implement something like Twitter & Facebook, where we can each create our own app, them paste those keys into these great plugins. Just do something! Fix it, don’t pretend like its not a problem. You’re loosing fans and followers.

UPDATE: won’t even work in Chrome now. I get a “This webpage has a redirect loop.” error. The pingbot in my Gmail chat (which I use to update my status the most) isn’t working either.

UPDATE 2: after receiving Yama’s comment below, I messed with my cookies in Chrome and am now able to access

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